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Information Security

Threat & Vunerablity Management

A first step in preventing IT security threats and complying with regulatory mandates, companies must identify, prioritize, assign, manage, fix, and audit thousands of vulnerabilities across hundreds or thousands of internal and externally facing systems to protect electronic data and infrastructures.

With at least ten new vulnerabilities created every 24 hours, IT professionals face a daunting security administration challenge. In addition, periodic assessments are no longer sufficient. Just as companies use continuous anti-virus protection, organizations must implement continuous vulnerability management solutions to mitigate risk.

Threat Management embodies the operational activities organizations undertake to minimize the damage from attacks targeting their enterprise. These activities include protection, discovery, assessment, detection, response and early warning.
i-net has in-depth experience helping companies reduce risk exposure, protect information assets and limit the impact of security-related events on business activity.

Threat & Vunerablity

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