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When a business connects to more than one network (multi-homes), it usually employs a networking technology called border gateway protocol (BGP). BGP is typically configured by a networking professional to make decisions regarding the network over which data should travel. It is an important job, particularly when one of your networks is experiencing significant slowness - called brownouts - or has a major collapse.

Unfortunately, BGP is only aware of network trouble during a collapse, not brownouts, which are much more common and lead to significant user complaints. If your business is running critical applications like e-commerce, VoIP, disaster recovery, Oracle, etc., this slowness will directly translate to customer complaints or lower employee productivity.

Internap has developed proprietary Route Control Technology to overcome the weakness of BGP. Unlike BGP, it continually monitors all of the connections leading from your network to the end destination and chooses the most appropriate pathway in real-time. It takes into consideration speed (latency), performance, stability, cost, and even the type of application you're using. So what you're left with is a network that continually tuned to the performance of your applications, routing around brownouts and blackouts, creating the best user experience available today.

Whether your company prefers to outsource network technology or manage it in-house, Internap technology can fit your needs.



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