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Information Security

Content Security Management

Content Security is about monitoring and controlling the electronic information entering or leaving an organisation. Content security issues include transmission of confidential data, protection against viruses and spam, encryption/data security, filtering content, improving network performance, and reducing an organisations exposure to legal liabilities.

Unmonitored content leaving the corporation without the knowledge of the IT department introduces legal and competitive risk. The current lack of content filtering and monitoring makes it difficult to discover potential breaches of policy, the sharing of confidential information and to hold individuals accountable.

Content Security encompasses a number of different technologies. In the simplest terms this technology area is concerned with:

  • Monitoring and managing data entering and leaving an organisation to ensure it is free from malicious code including viruses, confidential information, or offensive content.
  • Reducing legal liabilities associated with employee use of e-mail and the Internet.
  • Reducing increasing amounts of spam e-mail, and ensuring that organisations' data and mail server are not abused.

i-net has a complete portfolio of Content Security products from market leading vendors, including:

  • Anti-Virus solutions for the desktop, server, network and gateway.
  • Web (URL) Filtering Solutions.
  • Content solutions for HTTP and FTP (web based) traffic.
  • Content solutions for SMTP (e-mail).

Content Security

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