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Information Security

Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management has become more complex as digital identities take on an increasingly important role in specifying how users interact with computer networks.
Organisations need to manage users efficiently and accurately while granting them access to network resources.
By helping organisations implement effective identity management solutions, i-net reduces operating costs associated with manual and time-consuming tasks; improves productivity by integrating workflow processes to provide fast, automated self-service to users; and helps boost customer satisfaction through shorter response times and more rapid service.
Services i-net provide include the following:

  • Authenticating user identities with a range of mechanisms, such as tokens, biometrics and Public Key Infrastructure.
  • Developing user access policies and procedures, rules and responsibilities and a standardised role structure that helps organizations meet and enforce security standards.
  • Centralising user data stores in a single enterprise directory that enables increased efficiencies in user administration, access control and authentication.
  • Reducing IT operating costs and increasing efficiency by implementing effective user management to support self-service and automate workflow, and by provisioning and instituting flexible user administration.


Identity & Access

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