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VoIP Solutions

i-voip hosted PBX

i-voip is an internet hosted PBX solution ideal for small businesses. You can have the features and benefits of an expensive office PBX without the hardware and maintenance costs.

With the ability to provide geographic subscriber numbers and low outgoing call rates, you can combine any number of Internet connections and IP telephones to create your virtual office.

If the features below match any of your requirements, then i-voip is for you:

  • Users are geographically distributed across numerous sites.
  • There is a low number of users on each site (< 25).
  • Call costs are kept low due to VoIP-based routing.

To use i-voip you need:

  • An i-voip Subscription.
  • An IP Telephone, Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) or a VoIP Gateway.
  • A quality Internet Connection such as broadband or leased line.

i-voip hosted PBX

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