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Information Delivery

Internet Acceleration and Optimisation

Some of the most stringent availability and recovery requirements that enterprises place on carriers have to do with data center connectivity.
Multi-homing (connecting to multiple ISPs) is the solution of choice to ensure high-availability connectivity of data centers. Many e-commerce and Internet-based sites connect directly to as many as seven or eight backbone Internet providers. The catch is that doing so effectively requires a relatively high degree of expertise in Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and other advanced routing technologies. BGP is usually the default routing mechanism, blindly routing data over connections based on the shortest amount of hops - a choice that frequently results in poor performance.   i-net's BGP optimisation solutions takes a better approach, they proactively reviews your network(s) for the best performing route or the most cost-effective and routes according to your requirements.  This will help improve both performance for your applications and the bottom line.

Whether you opt for your own multi-homing or look to outsource to a service provider, connectivity to multiple ISPs is a must and i-net can deliver the right solution for you.

Internet Acceleration and Optimisation

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